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The Finest Festive Investment: Choose From the Best Builders in NCR!

October 26, 2022

Fostering enlightenment and joy;the festive season is considered auspicious to invest in anything new,including a home. As it is often said, ‘home is not a place, it is a feeling’, you must set aside your earnings and invest them in your home. Although there is no right or wrong time to make an investment, any purchases made during the festive period leave you spoilt for choice. Both buyers and sellers are in the mood to seal the deal at all costs,whether they are selling 4 BHK builder floors in Gurgaon or something else.  In such times, it is advisable to widen your horizon to negotiate and fetch the best deals in the market!

When it comes to investing, Diwali marks the most auspicious time of the year as it is considered that investments made during this period will bear fruit in the future. However, many people do not have a clear strategy on how to invest.Hence, they end up investing in precious commodities like silver, gold, and platinum without considering their families' needs and aspirations. Such investments are not all that bad, but first, the basic needs of the family need to be fulfilled. After all, Rome was not built in a day, or so the historians say! Real estate experts advise that now is your chance to explore all the available options and find the right fit. The first thing that a family requires is a secure home, before thinking of anything else! For the residents of Millenium City, finding their dream home in residential projects in Gurgaon is the best gift for their families this festive season.


A Multitude of Offers and Launches in Every Sector of Gurugram

As we said earlier,every real estate company in Delhi NCR is looking to increase its sales during Diwali. Aware of traditional market patterns, developers and buyers diligently wait for this period, before entering the market with a vengeance. If you are a potential home buyer, this is the time for you to unlock your dream to live in4 BHK builder floors in Gurgaon.

Builders in Delhi NCR will go all the way to close sales with gifts such as appliances, cars, free parking, and club memberships. They also carefully align their new launches during this period. If you examine the market, you have a chance to find some of the best independent builder floors in Gurgaon during this season.


Accessible Home Loans

Other than discounted property prices offered by developers, banks and financial institutions announce attractive limited-period home loan schemes around the festive season every year. The facilities offered include marginally lower interest rates,concession on Goods and Services Tax (GST), and waiver on home loan processing fees. As the RBI is increasing rates every quarter, it makes sense to take advantage of these home loan schemes now. In the future interest rates are only going to increase, and so will your EMIs.

Also, try to find a bank that already has a tie-up with the project of your choice, such as HDFC Bank's association with Aradhya Homes. It will make the financing process seamless for you, as many of the approvals are already done. Only your credentials need to be verified by the bank, which can be done rapidly. So, the loan can be sanctioned much faster, and you can finalize the deal for your 4bhk flat in Gurgaon.



Residential Projects in Gurgaon Regain their Sheen!

After nearly a decade of stagnation, the property market in Delhi NCR is finally showing some signs of growth. Buyers are showing interest in finalizing deals prompted by low-interest rates, and confidence in the economic recovery. Even in the past decade, properties in premium locales did command an advantage over the others,with prices comparable to some of the most expensive cities in the world. A home at a prime location not only offers you premium facilities but also gives you a sustainable source of rental income. Purchasing it can be expensive, but it could secure your future through capital appreciation and ever-increasing rental income. It is much better to earn rent from your independent floor in Gurgaon, rather than paying it!


The market was affected by the lockdown, but it has recovered smartly in the last year. Projects are again being launched left, right, and center by developers in all sectors! Even regions such as New Gurugram are witnessing a revival in investor interest.Areas around the Golf Course Extension, especially Sector 67 A, have been in the spotlight for their rental yield potential, among many other factors.

Gurugram is again witnessing an influx of professionals as most offices have reopened, and new ones keep getting inaugurated every month. The long-suffering landlords of the city now have the upper hand in all negotiations. They are squeezing tenants with new demands such as higher security deposits and periodic increases in rent. When you pay an increased amount as rent, you are just adding to your landlord's income, while not creating any assets for yourself, so it might be time to rethink that policy. Property rates are also rising along with rentals,so if you want to invest in an independent floor in Gurugram, then there is no time better than today!


The Finest 4 BHK Builder Floors in Gurgaon

Aradhya Homes, the premier offering of 4S Developers, is one such residential project in Gurgaon which gives you enormous facilities and other benefits. Situated in the high-flying locality of Sector 67A, this enclave has been making waves with its signature luxury independent floors. Such has been the response to this locality, that every month the price keeps on increasing as more and more homes keep getting lapped up by buyers. Now, only the higher-end 4BHK Independent Floors remain, and they are expected to sell out soon! These units offer the best combination of value and opulence in the city, and you would do well to book a site visit and check the project yourself!